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 Totem War 156

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PostSubject: Totem War 156   Totem War 156 EmptyThu Aug 06, 2009 7:38 am


1:first there was only like 4 of us defending TW..ranger and seduce came by about 2-3 times before they figured out they cant do it alone then brought friends and owned our totem in TW..(we kept it for about 20 mins XD)
2:totem was taken..didnt care cuz i knew we'd lose it..ran in and it was damaged so they couldnt rep...(once they got it to 4 XD)
3:i went to sml to play with a totem i didnt like the leader (u can see in rox's pix who bribed him ^^__^^) and was attacked by rox (seduce)....go figure that people can be bribed XD
4:went running around back and forth from DG and TW to credit..WOOT! GOT RANK 12 OFFA MICK! (angelized used him <3 u zed <33)
5:i was the ONLY one at DG cupid..and was cupid i that scary to 1st place AA that they have to cupid camp me?..that's halarious XD and was also called "strategy" but when every 1 in arma does's called coward-ism...rofl..nice theory of words...
6:TW was close at the end..if it wasnt for the person who asked me to help defend his allied totem from xaga, attacking the totem FOR the people who attacked them...then we coulda had sux some times..
7:but TW ended...we were totemless and the flaming bc's started <3 life is funny XD

NOW FOR IBO'S PIX! <3...i love asking for a 1 on 1..then being denied from a char that isnt even theirs..and saying i'm to weak for them...he still gave me the one on one..but that was he got back to cupid camping me XD...
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PostSubject: Re: Totem War 156   Totem War 156 EmptyFri Aug 07, 2009 7:23 am

:O fluffer u cheated on me how could u T_T dun let me find out who that girl was in the ss fluffer Razz

love you fluffer <3
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Totem War 156
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